The Klippel SIM (Simulation) software module is for large signal transducer modeling. It is also used for designing enclosures (sealed, ported & passive radiator).

Among the results SIM generates are harmonics, intermodulation, compression, DC-component (voice coil shift), fundamental SPL and positive and negative peak displacement.

Large signal results from other Klippel measurements can be easily imported into SIM to model real transducers. You can also create your own transducer by editing the nonlinear curves (BL(x), CMS(x), Le(x) etc.).

SIM allows you to see the individual effects of each nonlinearity separately, and to be able to adjust each nonlinearity until a performance goal is met, saving you time and money with prototyping.

A sample of SIM results are here.

Example of the SIM screen for voice coil temperature.
Example of the SIM screen for voice coil temperature. (click for larger image)

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