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Klippel DA Graphic

Klippel DA Wiring Graphic
The Klippel R&D measurement system is comprised of a Distortion Analyzer (hardware box that connects to amplifier, computer and the device under test (DUT)) and software modules. The Distortion Analyzer accepts inputs from laser displacement sensors,
microphones and others. Klippel-approved accessories are available from Warkwyn.

To make the system cost effective, the measurement capabilities are based on individual software modules dedicated to certain measurement types. A Distortion Analyzer without any software modules will not measure anything.

The “operating system” of the Klippel R&D environment is called dB-Lab. All the other software modules run in dB-Lab making it a necessary component of an R&D system. The dB-Lab license term is permanent, although there is a modest upgrade fee for major software revisions; minor revisions are free.

Software modules are available for different types of measurements. For example, if you want to measure small signal parameters (Thiele-Small & etc.) you would need the LPM (Linear Parameter Measurement) module. Like dB-Lab, once purchased the LPM and all other software module licenses are yours forever. Major software revisions cost a modest upgrade fee and minor revisions are free.

Of course you probably want to measure more than just the small signal parameters, so you would require additional software modules. Most of our customers get at least the LPM module and the LSI module. The LSI (Large Signal Identification) measures the large signal performance of a transducer. For a full explanation of LSI capabilities click here.

For more information about Klippel R&D software modules, contact us.

List of available software modules:
  • AUR – Aural simulator
  • dB-Lab – Core Klippel operating software (required)
  • DIS – 3D distortion analyzer
  • LPM – Small signal parameters
  • LSI – Large signal parameters
  • MPM – Material parameter measure
  • NFS – Near Field Scanner
  • PWT – Power test
  • SCN – Scanning Vibrometer System
  • SIM – Large signal transducer modeling
  • SPM – Suspension Part Measurement
  • TRF – Transfer function (response, THD, etc.)
  • TRF-PRO – TRF plus impulsive distortion

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