TRF-SPL Fundamental + Harmonic Distortion
TRF-SPL Fundamental + Harmonic Distortion (click for larger image)
TRF-SPL Wigner distribution
TRF-SPL Wigner distribution (click for larger image)
TRF-SPL Excess group delay
TRF-SPL Excess group delay (click for larger image)
TRF-SPL-Cumulative-spectral-decay (click for larger image)
TRF-Z Magnitude of transfer function H(f)
TRF-Z Magnitude of transfer function H(f) (click for larger image)
Relative Harmonic distortion
Relative Harmonic distortion (click for larger image)
TRF-SPL Sonograph
TRF-SPL Sonograph (click for larger image)

The Klippel TRF software module measures transfer functions such as SPL with a microphone vs. input and displacement with laser vs. input, and others.

TRF provides the fundamental response as well as THD with individual harmonic components up to the 21st order. Results can be viewed in 2d graphs or waterfall plots to show cumulative decay spectrum and Wigner distribution among other types.

For further information visit Klippel’s website¬†or feel free to contact Warkwyn with any questions.