These are exciting times in the loudspeaker industry. New high technology tools and methods allow measurement of phenomena that have been shrouded in mystery and black art. We have the tools and skills to lift the veil of mystery and reveal the truth about transducer and system performance.

Warkwyn is the best-equipped independent Klippel analysis lab in North America. Our precision tools not only identify acoustical problems but also can pinpoint the root causes and lead us to remedies. If you are not using Klippel analysis tools you are probably not getting the best performance from your products.

We invest in precision tools, not only for acoustics but for electrical, magnetic, vibrational and dimensional measurement.

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Acoustical – Measurement of sound and acoustic devices: SPL, HD, IMD
Electrical – Measurement of amplifiers, crossovers, magnetic flux
Vibration – Measurement of displacement, velocity and acceleration vs frequency.
Dimensional Metrology – Physical measurement of parts and assemblies.

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