Suspension part measurement apparatus
Suspension part measurement apparatus

Warkwyn is able to dynamically measure the kms vs. displacement of individual suspension parts more accurately using the Klippel Suspension Part Measurement (SPM) apparatus.

Traditional static displacement vs. force measurements do not accurately describe a suspension’s behaviour in an operating transducer. Phenomena such as material creep and visco-elasticity are not factored into static models and obscure true performance.

With the SPM apparatus results are displayed graphically making symmetry and linearity visually apparent. The results are qualified with the resonant frequency of the DUT and the peak displacement, as these values influence the kms. An overall effective kms is also provided for that peak displacement.

With SPM you can see the individual contribution of each suspension part to the final product. We find SPM particularly helpful for verifying production consistency and attainment of FEA design intent.

We can measure any size suspension part (spider, surround) up to 10″ (25cm) in diameter with the SPM apparatus.

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