XTR Driver


At the cusp of the ultra-thin TV and soundbar market explosion, a long-standing Warkwyn client decided to develop very shallow on-wall loudspeakers to complement the new shallow flat panel TVs.

We started the project by bringing in many current small transducer samples available at the time. We measured and analyzed the transducers acoustically and mechanically in order to establish performance benchmarks.  Read More.

Motor Optimization

A client’s 6.5″ flat diaphragm woofer motor was also analyzed magnetically using FEM. Our objective was to increase the magnetic flux in the gap while maintaining symmetrical fringe fields, using the same neodymium ring magnet.

This woofer motor is interesting because of the large vent hole in the center and the motor’s small size… Read More.

Diaphragm Development

3D distortion test on CS1_7 woofer-r

The founder of a high-end speaker brand passed away while in the midst of developing a new 6.5″ flat aluminum woofer diaphragm. He worked mainly by himself and left behind very little in the way of design documentation. The company president asked Warwkyn to help finish the diaphragm design. We were told that the founder’s intent was to make the diaphragm as flat as possible so that the sound waves were propagated from a single plane. Read More.   


A client needed help with immediate production concerns related to manufacturing yields and reliability of their proprietary tweeter.  Read More.

Compression Driver Analysis

A professional audio speaker company needed their new prototype compression driver analyzed. As the client’s R&D department did not own a Klippel laser vibrometer scanner, they turned to Warkwyn Associates for help. Read More

Better Bipolar Speakers

The client had an established reputation for “Bipolar” speakers but wanted to improve the “imaging” without losing the bipolar’s enhanced sense of spaciousness. Through research and experimentation, we developed patent-pending IP for a new generation of bipolar speakers.    Read More