World Class Transducer and System Design

We design products that sell. The acoustical engineers of Warkwyn have designed hundreds of transducers and award-winning commercially successful speaker systems, and have been granted 8 acoustic technology patents.

We have a proven track record of designing successful acoustical systems for residential and commercial applications, including fully powered, partially powered and passive designs. Whatever your project – from Bluetooth micro speakers to arena systems to ultra high-end audiophile towers – we can do the job with excellence, on time and on budget.

Transducers – Leading edge speaker systems require advanced transducers, whether to match an “impossible ID,” reduce cost or achieve remarkable performance. It all starts with the right transducer.

Systems – Smaller, better, cheaper. Today’s market is driven by industrial design. Products need to look great and sound great. Devices that were unheard-of a few years ago are commonplace today and that requires pushing the technology envelope.

Prototyping – Our acoustic world is complex, non-linear and non-intuitive. We use some of the most advanced modeling and simulation software, but ultimately there have to be prototypes to validate the models.

Case Studies – Examples of our work.