January: ALMA- CES- Klippel seminar

Early January is shaping up to be extremely busy. First comes the ALMA 2015 Winter symposium in Las Vegas (Jan 3-4). We will be presenting 2 papers. Dave Logan will talk about using a Near Field Scanner to determine the acoustical 3D output of a speaker. This technique promises to revolutionize the way loudspeakers are characterized. Tim will discuss using a scanning laser vibrometer (typically a cone measurement tool) to improve cabinet design and lower cost.

After ALMA, it is on to CES (Jan 6-9) where we will be working the Klippel suite # 31-221 in the Venetian Tower. We will be promoting the near field scanner and the new Klippel control technology.

Lastly we go to Santa Barbara for a Klippel seminar hosted by Sonus (Jan 12-13). Registration is free for this 2 day seminar. Contact us for registration information.