The Klippel LSI software module analyzes transducer performance operating in the large signal (nonlinear) domain. This software module’s capabilities are nothing short of revolutionary; LSI allows you to actually see what is happening with your transducer under real-world conditions!

Force factor Bl (X)
Force Factor BI (X) (click for larger image)
LSI Electrical inductance L(X, I=0)
LSI Electrical Inductance L(X, I=0) (click for larger image)
LSI Stiffness of suspension Kms- X
LSI Stiffness of Suspension Kms- X (clicl for larger image)

And not only that- LSI offers these important measurement tools:

  • Graph BL vs. displacement
  • Graph CMS vs. displacement
  • Graph voice coil inductance vs. displacement
  • Graph voice coil inductance vs. current
  • Measure voice coil offset distance from ideal center of BL
  • Measure voice coil offset distance from ideal center of CMS
  • Measure thermal parameters
  • And more…

LSI also shows you to what degree each parameter is contributing to the total nonlinear distortion. This shows you which areas need to be improved and which ones don’t- allowing you to put your money where it does the most good. You will be able to take unnecessary cost out of the transducer while maintaining performance within a user-defined distortion threshold.

To prevent damage to the device under test, LSI requires the user to define test limits. Voice coil temperature change, CMS change %, and BL change % are all monitored by LSI and the module will increase the test signal amplitude until one of the limits is surpassed. This is how excursion is limited in the test. The values can be adjusted while the test is running so you can start conservatively and gradually let the excursion increase.

Here is an example of LSI results taken from a woofer:

LSI Woofer sample report

For further information visit Klippel’s official website.

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